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Lucky Girl

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Joni Mitchell had no intentions of partaking in another workplace romance. Not with her track record.

Joni swears to her best friend that she isn’t going to get involved with the new hire at the science lab where she teaches. She tries extremely hard not to let his surfer-boy good looks, sexy dimples and sweet attitude sway her decision. But five minutes into their first date she reluctantly accepts that she’s hooked.

Luke Buchanan knows Joni’s a little gun shy when it comes to relationships with co-workers, but his attraction to her is instant and electric.

Luke feels lucky to have landed the job at Tidewater Bay Marine Research Lab. Bumping into the director’s granddaughter after a week on the job took his breath away. He can’t help but pursue her with everything he has. Unfortunately, his personal baggage threatens to end things before they even get started.

Is someone trying to keep Joni away from Luke?

As Joni’s attraction to Luke grows, incidents begin to happen. Minor nuisances at first, that rapidly escalate into life-threatening situations. Will Joni follow her heart and fight for the man who fits perfectly into the fantasy life she’s always dreamed of, or will fear for her life push her away?